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KUZEYMAK INC. was founded in Mersin, Turkey in 2002. It led the heating sector with the solar water heaters with evacuated tubes. In 2009, KUZEYMAK INC. started to produce some other products within this market as well. It provides integrated solutions to heat spaces, domestic-usage water, swimming pool water and central heating system applications on national/international heating sector.
Our company has built up its brand power KUZEYMAK based on 16 years of experience and countrywide sales-service competence with the support of its wide sales network of authorized dealers. KUZEYMAK INC. has carried its national brand power and product service quality abroad and has exported to many countries around the world.
KUZEYMAK INC. produces solar water heaters with evacuated tubes, solid fuelled boilers, solid fuelled kitchen stove heating systems, bathroom heaters in its factory in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone, Turkey.
To create the best comfort in living spaces for KUZEYMAK users.
To be an international brand with its integrated solutions in heating market.
**Company Policy
Kuzeymak has started its journey with being the first in the market of solar water heaters with evacuated tubes. Kuzeymak reached it's brand value that is produced over years bye the voluntary participation and support of its employees.
Kuzeymak has always been a pioneer in the sector with its investment and technology choices since its establishment. Added to this, it maintains its leading and innovative feature due to continuously R&D activities.
In every activity, it is based on the principle of selective and high quality working. Kuzeymak continues to take care of its customers in the sales-marketing process both in sale and after-sale periods, because it places great importance on un-interrupted service. Since Kuzeymak identifies the needs of customers correctly and determines the most appropriate policy of product-service by taking into account the expectations of customers carefully, it responds to demands of customers fastly.
Kuzeymak creates an atmosphere of trust for its employees and business partners. It also based on integrity philosophy with its customers.
In cases there is no standard and legislation in solar water heating sector, it has continued to be the first by creating Kuzeymak Standards. This leading property carries Kuzeymak today successfully in the sector.
**Environmental Policy
Kuzeymak, that is the first company about solar energy systems in Turkey since 2002, has taken the first step in determining corporate environmental policy and continued its activities in this direction from the beginning to future. Kuzeymak has received the ISO14001:2004 Certificate of Environmental Management System. Since Kuzeymak decided to take place in solar energy sector, it realized the importance of the protection and properly usage of renewable energy sources. Kuzeymak minimizes the formation of all kinds wastes and it acts in all production processes and all kinds of activities within the framework of the ISO14001:2004 Certificate Standards. Some waste that were generated out of control, Kuzeymak directs them to safely recycling and re-using processes.
In using of raw materials, energy and choosing the technology processes, Kuzeymak avoids wastage in natural resources to protect the environment and prevent the pollution.
Kuzeymak proved once again that gives importance to environment and recycling, by starting to manufacture pellet fired boilers in recent years. These boilers are environmentally friendly, do not cause air pollution, high efficiency and fuel saving.
Kuzeymak minimizes all the factors that may cause air-water-soil-noise pollution and uses ozone-friendly raw materials in its production activities.
Kuzeymakaims to improve the environmental awareness of its employees and to guide them in this direciton continuously. Thus, it constitutes a sustainable environmental management system.