as long as the sun rises


KUZEYMAK INC. started to its manufacturing activities in 2009 by producing standparts of vacuum tube solar water heaters. In the same year, the production line was developed and started to produce the other components of solar water heaters. With this attempt, KUZEYMAK INC. has taken the first steps to direct the potential from import to export.
In 2010, the company began production of bath boilers in parallel with the solar water heaters with evacuated tubes. To increase its market share in the heating sector, our company started to Research-Development studies and production for solid fuelled boilers, respectively in 2011.

By the end of 2015, KUZEYMAK INC. decided to expand product range and began to produce solid fuelled-kitchen stove heating systems upon the demand of its existing sales network.

Our company performs the production, distribution-delivery and sales through its dealers, showrooms and KUZEYMAK stores and sales of 6 different product groups through its dealers. Our factory is located on a closed area of 6000 square meters in Mersin, TURKEY. To date, our company has exported its products to more than 30 countries around the world with KUZEYMAK trademark. We increase our exportation volume every year by using the advantages of having an international port in Mersin city.
Our production facility consists of two sections. In the first section, vacuum tube solar water heaters and bath boilers, in the second section solid fuelled boilers and solid fuelled-kitchen stove heating systems are produced. KUZEYMAK INC. made significant innovations in some stations of machine park to improve the product&production quality in 2016.
In 2017, the number of our staff has reached 70 people. As a result of our 17-year sales&technical service and 9-year production experience, KUZEYMAK improves its product quality and production rate day by day thanks to the staff specialized in their respective fields of working area.
KUZEYMAK INC. offers integrated solutions for central heating applications as well as selling single products to its customers. Within a living space, KUZEYMAK products are able to provide both the effective space heating and alternative sourced hot usage water.

**Storage and Transportation
The raw materials required for production and completed stock products, orders that have been planned for transportation are stored in different settlements of our factory warehouses. By means of our raw material and endproducts stock power, our company timely responds to demands of KUZEYMAK domestic dealers and foreign distributors. Both truck-based and partial-type loads are delivered to every point of Turkey in the fastest and safest way through KUZEYMAK's trucks.